About Us

The Evidence Based Advisors founders consist of industry veterans Steve Miller, Zack Shepard, Sabrina Williams, and Alex Rodriguez who have first-rate experience running and implementing investment services, compliance, portfolio management, information technology, marketing and business development. This team brings 55+ years of experience and skills together creating a multi-faceted investment organization that brings a unique platform that is designed for growth-oriented advisors to take their businesses to the next level.

Evidence Based Advisors supports advisor efforts in long-term value creation for their clients in a fiduciary environment through Nobel Laureate academic theory that is good for both client portfolios and advisor businesses. Having experience implementing and helping financial professionals drive growth of over $7 billion, the solutions spearheaded by this team have been proven to aid hundreds of advisors across the country to implement an evidence-based investment strategy, and in turn, help thousands of investors nationwide achieve financial peace of mind. 

Team members have been national media contributors to such popular media outlets as CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Fox Business, Businessweek, and more; educating the public on investing, economics, and current events.